Ansible Script to install a whole Mesos Software Stack
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Ansible script to install a whole mesos stack


This playbook deploys a full Mesos cluster. It includes, so many masters and worker how you like. But the minimum should be three masters. Do be honest, it also works with one master. The access to mesos (agent and master), also to marathon need a credentials. The default one is “marathon:marathon”.


  • CentOS 1.7

How to use

ansible-playbook -i ../inventory/inventory/mesos plays/server-config.yaml


Please don’t hesitate an talk with us if you have questions.


Manager node

Software version Role Install type
Mesos 1.8.0 Mesos masters RPM
Marathon 1.8.218 Marathon masters RPM
Zookeeper 3.4.6 Zookeeper cluster dependencies to Mesos/Marathon RPM
Consul 1.5.3 Service Discovery for Container Binary
Mesos-DNS 0.7.0 Service Discovery for Mesos Tasks Binary
Docker 18.09.ce Docker engine RPM
Metronome 0.6.30 Schedule Server JAVA dependencies to Marathon

Worker node

Software version Role Install type
Mesos 1.6.1 Mesos slave RPM
Docker 18.06.1.ce Docker engine RPM
Weave 2.5.2 Container networking Docker image
Weavescope 1.11.3 Container Management Docker image
DNSMasq 2 Container DNS RPM
CAdavisor Docker engine monitoring Docker image
Registrator Register Microservier name Docker image
Consul 1.5.3 Consul Client Binary


Software version Role Install type
Graylog 2.5 Log server RPM
Elasticsearch 5.3.1 Search Engine RPM
MongoDB NoSQL Database RPM


Software version Role Install type
Prometheus 1.7.1 Timesserie database for metrics Docker image