The chatops bot of aventer
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go-avbot - the aventer bot

Github Repo


We verify our image automatically by clair. If you want to see the current security status, please have a look in travis-ci.

What is go-avbot

AVBOT is our digital working partner. He is helping us with our daily business. From creating and sending out invoices to install server applications. AVBOT is based on go-neb, a matrix BOT developed in golang.

Our Kanban Board is here


go-neb is under the Apache License. To make it more complicated, our code are under GPL. These are:

  • aws (services/aws)
  • invoice (services/invoice)
  • pentest (services/pentest)



  • Start/Stop of AWS instances
  • Show list of all instances in all regions
  • Create Instances
  • Search AMI’s


  • Create Invoice and send them out
  • Show invoices of a user


  • Penetrate a server target
  • Create a report about the penetrations test result and upload it into the chat room

There are still a lot of work. Currently our main focus is the AWS support.


  • Receive Webhooks from your github repositories.
  • Create Issues


  • Receive Webhooks from your travis account


  • Receive Webhooks from your wekan boards


  • Receive Webhooks from your gitea repo

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

  • Gateway to the IKY Framework

Software Requirements

go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get
go get

API Documentation



  • aws: add show instances of all configured regions
  • aws: add start and stop of instances
  • aws: add search of images
  • invoice: add create of invoices
  • invoice: add view invoices of a user


  • pentest: give out a list of all scanner configs
  • pentest: start a pentest
  • pentest: get a status of the pentest
  • pentest: download the report file
  • aws: add run instances


  • add travis webhook support (fork from the original project)
  • add wekan webhook support (is a fork of the travis version)


  • modify repo to
  • add gitea support


  • add nlp support