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This is a NewsReader DOOR Application for Synchronet BBS


Export the files into the “xtrn” directory of sbbs.


cd sbbs/xtrn
git clone newsreader


Create a “External Command”

  • Name Newsreader
  • Internal Code NEWSREAD
  • Start-up Directory ../xtrn/newsreader
  • Command Line ?newsreader.js
  • Clean-up Command Line
  • Execution Cost None
  • Access Requirements
  • Execution Requirements
  • Multiple Concurrent Users Yes
  • Intercept I/O No
  • Native Executable No
  • Use Shell to Execute No
  • Modify User Data No
  • Execute on Event Logon
  • Pause After Execution No
  • BBS Drop File Type None
  • Place Drop File In Node Directory


Edit the newsreader.js and scroll down to the button. You fill find two arrays with some examples inside. Add your feed like the example show you. It is important to know that, the newsreader script will only show the information at the rss description tag. If there is only a small description of the original article inside, it will makes no sense to use that rss feed.